verb \im-ˈbärk\

: to begin a journey especially on a ship or airplane

Full Definition of EMBARK

intransitive verb
:  to go on board a vehicle for transportation <the troops embarked at noon>
:  to make a start <embarked on a new career>
transitive verb
:  to cause to go on board (as a boat or airplane)
:  to engage, enlist, or invest in an enterprise
em·bar·ka·tion \ˌem-ˌbär-ˈkā-shən, -bər-\ noun
em·bark·ment \im-ˈbärk-mənt\ noun

Examples of EMBARK

  1. The troops are waiting to embark.
  2. Millions of Europeans embarked for America in the late 19th century.

Origin of EMBARK

Middle French embarquer, from Old Occitan embarcar, from em- (from Latin in-) + barca bark
First Known Use: 1533


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