adjective re·dun·dant \ri-ˈdən-dənt\

: repeating something else and therefore unnecessary

—used to describe part of a machine, system, etc., that has the same function as another part and that exists so that the entire machine, system, etc., will not fail if the main part fails

: dismissed from a job because you are no longer needed

Full Definition of REDUNDANT

a :  exceeding what is necessary or normal :  superfluous
b :  characterized by or containing an excess; specifically :  using more words than necessary
c :  characterized by similarity or repetition <a group of particularly redundant brick buildings>
d chiefly British :  no longer needed for a job and hence laid off
:  serving as a duplicate for preventing failure of an entire system (as a spacecraft) upon failure of a single component
re·dun·dant·ly adverb

Examples of REDUNDANT

  1. He edited the paper and removed any redundant information or statements.
  2. Avoid redundant expressions in your writing.
  3. Some people say that since all adages are old, the phrase old adage is redundant.
  4. The drone had originally been designed to go places the Blackbird could not, but it had become redundant on discovery of the fact that there was nowhere the SR-71 could not go in safety … —Tom Clancy, The Cardinal of the Kremlin, 1989


Latin redundant-, redundans, present participle of redundare to overflow — more at redound
First Known Use: 1594

Other Aeronautics/Aerospace Terms

airway, apron, corridor, dirigible, fishtail, flat-hat, vector

Rhymes with REDUNDANT

Medical Dictionary


adjective re·dun·dant \ri-ˈdən-dənt\

Medical Definition of REDUNDANT

:  characterized by or containing an excess or superfluous amount <redundant pharyngeal tissue>


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