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noun re·dun·dan·cy \ri-ˈdən-dən(t)-sē\

: the act of using a word, phrase, etc., that repeats something else and is therefore unnecessary

: a word, phrase, etc., that repeats something else and is therefore unnecessary : a redundant word, phrase, etc.

: a part in a machine, system, etc., that has the same function as another part and that exists so that the entire machine, system, etc., will not fail if the main part fails

plural re·dun·dan·cies

Full Definition of REDUNDANCY

a :  the quality or state of being redundant :  superfluity
b :  the use of redundant components; also :  such components
c chiefly British :  dismissal from a job especially by layoff
a :  superfluous repetition :  prolixity
b :  an act or instance of needless repetition
:  the part of a message that can be eliminated without loss of essential information

Examples of REDUNDANCY

  1. Avoid redundancy in your writing.
  2. Try to avoid using redundancies in your writing.
  3. The design incorporates several redundancies.
  4. a system with a high level of redundancy
  5. The restructuring is expected to result in the redundancy of several hundred workers.
  6. The workers are now facing redundancy.

First Known Use of REDUNDANCY

circa 1602

Other Aeronautics/Aerospace Terms

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