noun \ˈvər-bē-ij also -bij\

: speech or writing that contains too many words or that uses words that are more difficult than necessary

Full Definition of VERBIAGE

:  a profusion of words usually of little or obscure content <such a tangled maze of evasive verbiage as a typical party platform — Marcia Davenport>
:  manner of expressing oneself in words :  diction <sportswriters guarded their verbiage so jealously — R. A. Sokolov>

Examples of VERBIAGE

  1. The editor removed some of the excess verbiage from the article.
  2. <teachers loathe the verbiage that students resort to in order to pad a paper>
  3. NOT the least of the many trials inflicted upon the Boston Red Sox has been a torrent of verbiage. Surely no team in recent memory has been so scrutinized, complained about and then elegized. —Charles McGrath, New York Times Book Review, 13 Aug. 2006

Origin of VERBIAGE

French, from Middle French verbier to chatter, alteration of Old French verboier, verbloier, from Old French (Picard dialect) werbler to trill — more at warble
First Known Use: circa 1721


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