noun \ˈrē-dər\

: a person who reads a book, magazine, newspaper, etc.

: a machine that is used for reading text or information that is stored on film, tape, etc.

: a book that is used to learn how to read or to practice reading in your own language or in a foreign language

Full Definition of READER

a :  one that reads
b :  one appointed to read to others: as
(1) :  lector (2) :  one chosen to read aloud selected material in a Christian Science church or society
c (1) :  proofreader
(2) :  one who evaluates manuscripts (3) :  one who reads periodical literature to discover items of special interest or value
d :  an employee who reads and records the indications of meters
e :  a teacher's assistant who reads and marks student papers
British :  one who reads lectures or expounds subjects to students
a :  a device for projecting a readable image of a transparency
b :  a unit that scans material recorded (as on punch cards) for storage or computation
a :  a book for instruction and practice especially in reading
b :  anthology

Examples of READER

  1. The book's ending leaves readers to draw their own conclusions.
  2. a magazine with three million readers

First Known Use of READER

before 12th century


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