noun, often attributive \ˈfē-dər\

: a device for supplying food to animals

: a person who supplies food for animals

: a road, railway, etc., that connects to a larger road, railway, etc.

Full Definition of FEEDER

:  one that feeds: as
a :  one that fattens livestock for slaughter
b :  a device or apparatus for supplying food
:  one that eats or takes nourishment; especially :  an animal being fattened or one suitable for fattening
a :  one that supplies, replenishes, or connects
b :  tributary 2
c :  a heavy wire conductor supplying electricity at some point of an electric distribution system (as from a substation)
d :  branch; especially :  a branch transportation line
e :  a road that provides access to a major artery

Examples of FEEDER

  1. a pigeon feeder holding a bag of stale bread
  2. <the lake has several feeders that have their headwaters near the Canadian border>

First Known Use of FEEDER

14th century


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