noun \ˈran-dəm\

Definition of RANDOM

:  a haphazard course
at random
:  without definite aim, direction, rule, or method <subjects chosen at random>

Origin of RANDOM

Middle English, succession, surge, from Anglo-French randun, from Old French randir to run, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German rinnan to run — more at run
First Known Use: 1561

Rhymes with RANDOM



: chosen, done, etc., without a particular plan or pattern

Full Definition of RANDOM

a :  lacking a definite plan, purpose, or pattern
b :  made, done, or chosen at random <read random passages from the book>
a :  relating to, having, or being elements or events with definite probability of occurrence <random processes>
b :  being or relating to a set or to an element of a set each of whose elements has equal probability of occurrence <a random sample>; also :  characterized by procedures designed to obtain such sets or elements <random sampling>
ran·dom·ly adverb
ran·dom·ness noun

Examples of RANDOM

  1. a random sequence of letters
  2. A random sample of doctors from around the country were selected for the study.
  3. We tasted the wines in random order and then rated each.
  4. a random collection of buttons
  5. She collects random photographs that she finds in antique shops.
  6. Pick a random word on the page.
  7. The computer program generates a list of random numbers.

First Known Use of RANDOM


Synonym Discussion of RANDOM

random, haphazard, casual mean determined by accident rather than design. random stresses lack of definite aim, fixed goal, or regular procedure <a random selection of books>. haphazard applies to what is done without regard for regularity or fitness or ultimate consequence <a haphazard collection of rocks>. casual suggests working or acting without deliberation, intention, or purpose <a casual collector>.



Definition of RANDOM

:  in a random manner

First Known Use of RANDOM


Other Mathematics and Statistics Terms

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