verb \ˈpräm(p)t\

: to cause (someone) to do something

: to be the cause of (something)

: to say (something that encourages a person to talk)

Full Definition of PROMPT

transitive verb
:  to move to action :  incite
:  to assist (one acting or reciting) by suggesting or saying the next words of something forgotten or imperfectly learned :  cue
:  to serve as the inciting cause of <evidence prompting an investigation>
prompt·er noun

Examples of PROMPT

  1. Curiosity prompted her to ask a few questions.
  2. Pride prompted his angry response.
  3. The evidence prompted a criminal investigation.
  4. Did you hear me? he prompted when his friend did not respond to his first question.
  5. The actor had to be prompted by someone who was standing offstage.
  6. The computer prompted me to type in a number.

Origin of PROMPT

Middle English, from Medieval Latin promptare, from Latin promptus prompt
First Known Use: 14th century



Definition of PROMPT

:  of or relating to prompting actors

First Known Use of PROMPT




Definition of PROMPT

:  being ready and quick to act as occasion demands
:  performed readily or immediately <prompt assistance>
prompt·ly \ˈpräm(p)t-lē, ˈpräm-plē\ adverb
prompt·ness \ˈpräm(p)t-nəs, ˈprämp-nəs\ noun

Origin of PROMPT

Middle English, from Latin promptus ready, prompt, from past participle of promere to bring forth, from pro- forth + emere to take — more at redeem
First Known Use: 15th century



: the lines of a play that are said to an actor who has forgotten them

computers : a message that appears on a computer screen asking the user to do something or to provide information

plural prompts \ˈpräm(p)ts, ˈprämps\

Full Definition of PROMPT

[1prompt] :  something that prompts :  reminder
[3prompt] :  a limit of time given for payment of an account for goods purchased; also :  the contract by which this time is fixed

Examples of PROMPT

  1. The actor was given a prompt by someone offstage.

First Known Use of PROMPT

circa 1531


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