noun \ˈprin-tiŋ\

: the process of producing books, magazines, etc. by using machinery

: the act or process of printing a set number of copies of a book at one time

: handwriting that uses separate letters that do not join together

Full Definition of PRINTING

:  the act or product of one that prints
:  reproduction in printed form
:  the art, practice, or business of a printer
:  impression 4c
plural :  paper to be printed on

Examples of PRINTING

  1. The book is already in its second printing, and a third printing is scheduled for later this year.
  2. The book has had two printings of 100,000 copies each.
  3. Her printing is very neat.

First Known Use of PRINTING

14th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Process for reproducing text and illustrations, traditionally by applying ink to paper under pressure, but today including various other methods. In modern commercial printing, three basic techniques are used. Letterpress printing relies on mechanical pressure to transfer a raised inked image to the surface to be printed. Gravure printing transfers ink from recessed cells of varying depths. In offset printing the printing and nonprinting areas of the plate differ not in height but in wettability.


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