verb \ˈglint\

: to shine in small bright flashes

Full Definition of GLINT

intransitive verb
a archaic :  to glance off an object
b of rays of light :  to be reflected at an angle from a surface
:  to give off reflection in brilliant flashes; also :  gleam
:  to look quickly or briefly :  glance
:  to appear briefly or faintly
transitive verb
:  to cause to glint

Examples of GLINT

  1. The sun glinted off the tops of the waves.
  2. The waves glinted in the sunlight.

Origin of GLINT

Middle English, to dart obliquely, glint, alteration of glenten, of Scandinavian origin; akin to Swedish dialect glänta to clear up; akin to Old High German glanz bright, Old English geolu yellow — more at yellow
First Known Use: 14th century



: a small flash of light

: a small amount of emotion seen in a person's eyes

Full Definition of GLINT

:  a tiny bright flash of light
:  a brief or faint manifestation :  glimmer <a glint of recognition>; also :  a trace of emotion expressed through the eyes <a steely glint in his eye>

Examples of GLINT

  1. He saw glints of sunlight on the river's surface.

First Known Use of GLINT

14th century


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