noun point·er \ˈpin-tər\

: a useful suggestion about how to do or understand something better

: a sign that shows the condition or existence of something

: a thin stick that a person uses to show people where to look on a screen, map, etc.

Full Definition of POINTER

a plural capitalized :  the two stars in the Big Dipper a line through which points to the North Star
b :  one that points out; especially :  a rod used to direct attention
c :  a computer memory address that contains another address (as of desired data)
:  a large strong slender smooth-haired gundog that hunts by scent and indicates the presence of game by pointing
:  one that furnishes with points
:  a useful suggestion or hint :  tip

Examples of POINTER

  1. Let me give you a few pointers on managing a successful business.
  2. The latest data gives a pointer to the economy's overall growth.
  3. This may be a pointer to a very serious problem.

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hand, index, indicator, needle

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POINTER Defined for Kids


noun point·er \ˈpin-tər\

Definition of POINTER for Kids

:  something that points or is used for pointing
:  a helpful hint <I got a few pointers on diving.>
:  a large dog with long ears and short hair that is trained to direct its head and body in the direction of an animal that is being hunted
Medical Dictionary


Medical Definition of POINTER

—see hip pointer
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