noun in·di·ca·tor \ˈin-də-ˌkā-tər\

: a sign that shows the condition or existence of something

: a pointer or light that shows the state or condition of something

: a device that shows a measurement

Full Definition of INDICATOR

:  one that indicates: as
a :  an index hand (as on a dial) :  pointer
b (1) :  gauge 2b, dial 4a
(2) :  an instrument for automatically making a diagram that indicates the pressure in and volume of the working fluid of an engine throughout the cycle
a :  a substance (as litmus) used to show visually (as by change of color) the condition of a solution with respect to the presence of a particular material (as a free acid or alkali)
b :  tracer 4b
:  an organism or ecological community so strictly associated with particular environmental conditions that its presence is indicative of the existence of these conditions
:  any of a group of statistical values (as level of employment) that taken together give an indication of the health of the economy
in·dic·a·to·ry \in-ˈdi-kə-ˌtr-ē\ adjective

Examples of INDICATOR

  1. Economic indicators suggest that prices will go up.
  2. a control panel with various indicator lights

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hand, index, pointer, needle

Rhymes with INDICATOR

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INDICATOR Defined for Kids


noun in·di·ca·tor \ˈin-də-ˌkā-tər\

Definition of INDICATOR for Kids

:  a sign that shows or suggests the condition or existence of something
:  a pointer on a dial or scale
:  1dial 3, gauge
Medical Dictionary


noun in·di·ca·tor \ˈin-də-ˌkāt-ər\

Medical Definition of INDICATOR

:  a substance (as a dye) used to show visually usually by its capacity for color change the condition of a solution with respect to the presence of free acid or alkali or some other substance (as in detecting the end point of a titration) <litmus and phenolphthalein are acid-base indicators>
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