adjective \ˈple-zənt\

: causing a feeling of happiness or pleasure

: friendly and likable

Full Definition of PLEASANT

:  having qualities that tend to give pleasure :  agreeable <a pleasant day>
:  having or characterized by pleasing manners, behavior, or appearance
pleas·ant·ly adverb
pleas·ant·ness noun

Examples of PLEASANT

  1. the pleasant smell of cookies baking in the oven
  2. We had a pleasant conversation.
  3. Our evening together was pleasant but not very exciting.
  4. I didn't know you were coming. What a pleasant surprise!
  5. Their new teacher seems pleasant enough.
  6. a very pleasant young man

Origin of PLEASANT

Middle English plesaunt, from Anglo-French plaisant, from present participle of plaisir
First Known Use: 14th century

Related to PLEASANT

agreeable, blessed (also blest), congenial, darling, delectable, delicious, delightful, delightsome, dreamy, dulcet, enjoyable, felicitous, good, grateful, gratifying, heavenly, jolly, luscious, nice, palatable, pleasing, pleasurable, pretty, satisfying, savory (also savoury), sweet, tasty, welcome
disagreeable, pleasureless, unpalatable, unpleasant, unwelcome

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geographical name

Definition of PLEASANT

— see nauru


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