verb \pə-ˈrüz\

: to look at or read (something) in an informal or relaxed way

: to examine or read (something) in a very careful way


Full Definition of PERUSE

transitive verb
a :  to examine or consider with attention and in detail :  study
b :  to look over or through in a casual or cursory manner
:  read; especially :  to read over in an attentive or leisurely manner
pe·rus·al \-ˈrü-zəl\ noun
pe·rus·er noun

Examples of PERUSE

  1. He perused the newspaper over breakfast.
  2. <perused the manuscript, checking for grammatical errors>
  3. To refresh my memory of the old days, I asked for some Dailies of the thirties from the morgue, sat down at the large round oak table at the end of the editorial room on the second floor, and began riffling through the musty pages. Soon a burly middle-aged man appeared and seated himself at the table to peruse some recent issues of the paper and take notes. —Arthur Miller, Timebends, 1987

Origin of PERUSE

Middle English, to use up, deal with in sequence, from Latin per- thoroughly + Middle English usen to use
First Known Use: 1532


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