noun pat·tern \ˈpa-tərn\

: a repeated form or design especially that is used to decorate something

: the regular and repeated way in which something happens or is done

: something that happens in a regular and repeated way

Full Definition of PATTERN

:  a form or model proposed for imitation :  exemplar
:  something designed or used as a model for making things <a dressmaker's pattern>
:  an artistic, musical, literary, or mechanical design or form
:  a natural or chance configuration <frost patterns> <the pattern of events>
:  a length of fabric sufficient for an article (as of clothing)
a :  the distribution of shrapnel, bombs on a target, or shot from a shotgun
b :  the grouping made on a target by bullets
:  a reliable sample of traits, acts, tendencies, or other observable characteristics of a person, group, or institution <a behavior pattern> <spending patterns>
a :  the flight path prescribed for an airplane that is coming in for a landing
b :  a prescribed route to be followed by a pass receiver in football
:  a discernible coherent system based on the intended interrelationship of component parts <foreign policy patterns>
:  frequent or widespread incidence <a pattern of dissent> <a pattern of violence>
pat·terned \-tərnd\ adjective
pat·tern·less adjective

Examples of PATTERN

  1. The dishes have a floral pattern around the rim.
  2. The fabric comes in different colors and patterns.
  3. The rug is decorated with a geometric pattern.
  4. The shadows made a pattern of lines on the ground.
  5. They are studying behavior patterns among high-school students.
  6. Analysts are noticing different spending patterns by consumers.
  7. The trees followed a characteristic pattern of growth.

Origin of PATTERN

Middle English patron, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin patronus
First Known Use: 14th century

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Other Handicraft Terms

biscuit, darn, tambour, wrought

Rhymes with PATTERN



: to make or design (something) so that it is similar to something else of the same type

: to decorate or mark (something) with a design : to form a pattern on (something)

Full Definition of PATTERN

transitive verb
dial chiefly English
a :  match
b :  imitate
:  to make, adapt, or fashion according to a pattern
:  to furnish, adorn, or mark with a design
intransitive verb
:  to form a pattern

Examples of PATTERN

  1. Animals tracks patterned the mud.

First Known Use of PATTERN

circa 1586

Rhymes with PATTERN


noun pat·tern \ˈpat-ərn\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of PATTERN

:  a model for making a mold used to form a casting
:  a reliable sample of traits, acts, tendencies, or other observable characteristics of a person, group, or institution <patterns of behavior>
:  an established mode of behavior or cluster of mental attitudes, beliefs, and values that are held in common by members of a group
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