verb \ˈpär-lē\

: to talk with an enemy or someone you disagree with especially in order to end a conflict


Full Definition of PARLEY

intransitive verb
:  to speak with another :  confer; specifically :  to discuss terms with an enemy

Examples of PARLEY

  1. <in an effort to win the goodwill of the locals, the developers parleyed with them before finalizing plans for the massive mall>

First Known Use of PARLEY



plural parleys

Definition of PARLEY

a :  a conference for discussion of points in dispute
b :  a conference with an enemy

Examples of PARLEY

  1. <held a parley to debate the proposed change in the town's zoning laws>
  2. <can we meet for an informal parley to see if we can effect a compromise?>

Origin of PARLEY

Middle English parlai speech, probably from Middle French parlee, from feminine of parlé, past participle of parler to speak, from Medieval Latin parabolare, from Late Latin parabola speech, parable — more at parable
First Known Use: 1580


biographical name

Definition of PARLEY

Peter — see Samuel Griswold goodrich


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