adjective \ˈat-wərd\

: of or relating to the way that someone or something looks or seems on the outside

: able to be seen

: moving or directed away from something

Full Definition of OUTWARD

:  moving, directed, or turned toward the outside or away from a center <an outward flow>
:  situated on the outside :  exterior
:  of or relating to the body or to appearances rather than to the mind or the inner life <outward beauty>
:  external

Examples of OUTWARD

  1. They showed no outward signs of fear, but they must have been afraid.
  2. She was waiting for some outward expression of his love.
  3. To all outward appearances, their marriage was quite normal.
  4. outward symptoms of the disease
  5. The outward migration of people from the city has hurt the city's economy greatly.
  6. He made a slight outward movement with his right hand.

First Known Use of OUTWARD

before 12th century


adverb \-wərdz\

: toward the outside of something : away from a center

: away from yourself

Full Definition of OUTWARD

:  toward the outside
obsolete :  on the outside :  externally

Variants of OUTWARD

outward or out·wards \-wərdz\

Examples of OUTWARD

  1. The window faces outward toward the street.
  2. Stand with your heels together, toes pointing outward.
  3. air flowing outwards from the lungs

First Known Use of OUTWARD

before 12th century



Definition of OUTWARD

:  external form, appearance, or reality

Examples of OUTWARD

  1. <never was there in a man such a fine, heroic outward and such a cowardly interior>

First Known Use of OUTWARD



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