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adverb out·right \ˌau̇t-ˈrīt\

Simple Definition of outright

  • : in a full and complete way

  • : quickly and completely : not gradually

  • : in one payment of money

Full Definition of outright

  1. 1 archaic :  straight ahead :  directly

  2. 2 :  in entirety :  completely <rejected the proposal outright>

  3. 3 :  without restraint or reservation <laughed outright>

  4. 4 :  on the spot :  instantaneously <was killed outright>

  5. 5 :  without lien or encumbrance <purchased the property outright for cash>

Examples of outright

  1. She won the competition outright.

  2. The painting is now owned outright by the museum.

  3. Their house was destroyed outright by the fire.

  4. I bought the car outright.

14th Century

First Known Use of outright

14th century

Rhymes with outright

affright, air right, airtight, albite, Albright, alight, all right, all-night, a mite, aright, backbite, backlight, bauxite, bedight, birthright, black light, bleed white, bobwhite, bombsight, box kite, calcite, campsite, catfight, cockfight, contrite, cordite, Cushite, daylight, deadlight, delight, dendrite, despite, dogfight, downlight, downright, droplight, dust mite, earthlight, excite, eyebright, eyesight, fanlight, felsite, ferrite, finite, fire blight, firefight, firelight, first night, fistfight, flashlight, fleabite, floodlight, foresight, forthright, fortnight, freewrite, frostbite, Gadite, gall mite, gaslight, gastight, ghostwrite, goethite, graphite, green light, gummite, gunfight, half-light, halite, Hamite, handwrite, headlight, highlight, hindsight, Hittite, homesite, hoplite, Hussite, ignite, illite, infight, in-flight, incite, indict, indite, insight, in sight, invite, jacklight, jadeite, key light, lamplight, late blight, leucite, Levite, lighttight, lignite, limelight, lintwhite, lowlight, Lucite, Luddite, lyddite, marmite, Melchite, Memphite, midnight, millwright, moonlight, New Right, night-light, nitrite, off-site, off-white, on sight, on-site, outsight, partite, peep sight, penlight, perlite, playwright, polite, preflight, prizefight, pyrite, quartzite, ratite, recite, red light, red-light, requite, respite, rewrite, rushlight, rust mite, safelight, samite, searchlight, Semite, Servite, Shemite, Shiite, shipwright, sidelight, sit tight, skintight, skylight, skywrite, slant height, smectite, snakebite, snow-white, sound bite, spaceflight, spotlight, stage fright, starlight, sternite, sticktight, stoplight, streetlight, stylite, sulfite, sunlight, Sunnite, taillight, termite, thermite, tonight, torchlight, trothplight, Twelfth Night, twilight, twi-night, typewrite, unite, unsight, upright, uptight, wainwright, watch night, wax light, Web site, weeknight, wheelwright, white flight, white knight, x-height, zinc white



adjective out·right \ˈau̇t-ˌrīt\

Simple Definition of outright

  • : complete and total

  • : not limited in any way : done, made, or given in a complete way

Full Definition of outright

  1. 1 a :  being completely or exactly what is stated <an outright lie> b :  given without reservation <outright grants for research> c :  made without encumbrance or lien <an outright sale>

  2. 2 archaic :  proceeding directly onward

out·right·ly adverb

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