noun \ˈjint\

: a point where two bones meet in the body

: a place where two things or parts are joined

: a particular place

Full Definition of JOINT

a (1) :  the point of contact between elements of an animal skeleton with the parts that surround and support it (2) :  node 5b
b :  a part or space included between two articulations, knots, or nodes
c :  a large piece of meat for roasting
a :  a place where two things or parts are joined
b :  a space between the adjacent surfaces of two bodies joined and held together (as by cement or mortar)
c :  a fracture or crack in rock not accompanied by dislocation
d :  the flexing part of a cover along either spine edge of a book
e :  the junction of two or more members of a framed structure
f :  a union formed by two abutting rails in a track including the elements (as bars and bolts) necessary to hold the abutting rails together
g :  an area at which two ends, surfaces, or edges are attached
a :  a shabby or disreputable place of entertainment
b :  place, establishment
c slang :  prison 2
:  a marijuana cigarette
joint·ed \ˈjin-təd\ adjective
joint·ed·ly adverb
joint·ed·ness noun
out of joint
a of a bone :  having the head slipped from its socket
b :  at variance
a :  disordered 2a
b :  being out of humor :  dissatisfied <losing put him out of joint>

Examples of JOINT

  1. She's been having pain in her muscles and joints.
  2. seal the joints of the pipes

Origin of JOINT

Middle English jointe, from Anglo-French, from joindre
First Known Use: 13th century

Other Anatomy Terms

bilateral symmetry, carotid, cartilage, dorsal, entrails, prehensile, renal, solar plexus, supine, thoracic, ventral

Rhymes with JOINT



: combining the work of two or more people or groups of people

: done by or involving two or more people

: doing something together

Full Definition of JOINT

:  united, combined <the joint influences of culture and climate>
:  common to two or more: as
a (1) :  involving the united activity of two or more <a joint effort>
(2) :  constituting an activity, operation, or organization in which elements of more than one armed service participate <joint maneuvers> (3) :  constituting an action or expression of two or more governments <joint peace talks>
b :  shared by or affecting two or more <a joint fine>
:  united, joined, or sharing with another (as in a right or status) <joint heirs>
:  being a function of or involving two or more variables and especially random variables
joint·ly adverb

Examples of JOINT

  1. filing a joint tax return
  2. They had a joint account at the bank.
  3. divorced parents who have joint custody of their child

Origin of JOINT

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from past participle of joindre
First Known Use: 14th century



Definition of JOINT

transitive verb
:  to separate the joints of (as meat)
a :  to unite by a joint :  fit together
b :  to provide with a joint :  articulate
c :  to prepare (as a board) for joining by planing the edge
intransitive verb
:  to fit as if by joints <the stones joint neatly>
:  to form joints as a stage in growth —used especially of small grains

Origin of JOINT

First Known Use: 1530


noun \ˈjint\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of JOINT

:  the point of contact between elements of an animal skeleton whether movable or rigidly fixed together with the surrounding and supporting parts (as membranes, tendons, or ligaments) <the capsule of the shoulder joint>
out of joint
of a bone :  having the head slipped from its socket

Illustration of JOINT


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