noun \ˈjəŋ(k)-shən\

: a place where two things join

: a place where roads or railroad lines come together

: a road or ramp that you use when getting off a highway

Full Definition of JUNCTION

:  an act of joining :  the state of being joined
a :  a place or point of meeting
b :  an intersection of roads especially where one terminates
c :  a point (as in a thermocouple) at which dissimilar metals make contact
d :  an interface in a semiconductor device between regions with different electrical characteristics
:  something that joins
junc·tion·al \-shnəl, -shə-nəl\ adjective

Examples of JUNCTION

  1. a junction of nerves and muscle
  2. the junction of Route 12 and Route 87

Origin of JUNCTION

Latin junction-, junctio, from jungere to join — more at yoke
First Known Use: 1711

Rhymes with JUNCTION


noun \ˈjəŋ(k)-shən\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of JUNCTION

: a place or point of meeting <the structure of the synaptic junction as revealed by electron microscopy>—see neuromuscular junction
junc·tion·al \-shnəl, -shən-əl\ adjective


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