adjective \ˈsev-rəl, ˈse-və-\

: more than two but not very many

: different and separate

Full Definition of SEVERAL

a :  separate or distinct from one another <federal union of the several states>
b (1) :  individually owned or controlled :  exclusive <a several fishery> — compare common
(2) :  of or relating separately to each individual involved <a several judgment>
c :  being separate and distinctive :  respective <specialists in their several fields>
a :  more than one <several pleas>
b :  more than two but fewer than many <moved several inches>
c chiefly dialect :  being a great many

Examples of SEVERAL

  1. It took several days for the package to arrive.
  2. He arrived several hours ago.
  3. We added several more names to the list.
  4. The meat can be cooked several ways.
  5. There are several similar stores at the mall.
  6. a federal union of the several states

Origin of SEVERAL

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Medieval Latin separalis, from Latin separ separate, back-formation from separare to separate
First Known Use: 15th century


pronoun, plural in construction

Definition of SEVERAL

:  an indefinite number more than two and fewer than many <several of the guests>

First Known Use of SEVERAL



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