adjective \ˈäd\

: strange or unusual : different from what is normal or expected

: happening in a way that is not planned or regular

: of different kinds or types

Full Definition of ODD

a :  being without a corresponding mate <an odd shoe>
b (1) :  left over after others are paired or grouped
(2) :  separated from a set or series
a :  somewhat more than the indicated approximate quantity, extent, or degree —usually used in combination <300-odd pages>
b (1) :  left over as a remainder <had a few odd dollars left after paying his bills>
(2) :  constituting a small amount <had some odd change in her pocket>
a :  being any of the integers (as −3, −1, +1, and +3) that are not divisible by two without leaving a remainder
b :  marked by an odd number of units
c :  being a function such that f(−x) = −f(x) where the sign is reversed but the absolute value remains the same if the sign of the independent variable is reversed
a :  not regular, expected, or planned <worked at odd jobs>
b :  encountered or experienced from time to time :  occasional
:  having an out-of-the-way location :  remote
:  differing markedly from the usual or ordinary or accepted :  peculiar
odd·ness noun

Examples of ODD

  1. She had an odd look on her face.
  2. People would call at odd hours during the night.
  3. She's got a really odd sense of humor.
  4. Some rather odd people used to live in this house.
  5. There was something odd about his story.
  6. It's odd that nobody told me about this before.
  7. That's odd. He was here a minute ago.
  8. That is one of the oddest creatures I have ever seen.
  9. She kept a stack of magazines that she would read at odd moments.
  10. During the summer, he would do odd jobs for his neighbors to earn extra money.

Origin of ODD

Middle English odde, from Old Norse oddi point of land, triangle, odd number; akin to Old English ord point of a weapon
First Known Use: 14th century

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