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odd trick


Definition of odd trick

  1. :  each trick in excess of six won by declarer's side at bridge — compare book 9


First Known Use of odd trick


Rhymes with odd trick

airsick, big stick, bluetick, bootlick, boychick, brainsick, broomstick, carsick, Chadwick, chick flick, chopstick, cowlick, crabstick, dabchick, deer tick, detick, dik-dik, dipstick, dog tick, drop-kick, drumstick, ear pick, firebrick, fish stick, flagstick, Fosdick, free kick, frog kick, goal kick, goldbrick, greensick, handpick, hat trick, hayrick, heartsick, homesick, ice pick, joss stick, joystick, lipstick, lovesick, matchstick, muzhik, nightstick, nitpick, nonstick, nutpick, oil slick, Old Nick, outslick, peacenik, pigstick, pinprick, placekick, Prestwick, quick kick, redbrick, Renwick, rubric, salt lick, seasick, self-stick, shashlik, sidekick, slapstick, squib kick, Tajik, toothpick, topkick, unpick, unstick, uptick, wood tick, yardstick

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