verb \əb-ˈtrüd, äb-\

: to become involved with something or to become noticeable in an unpleasant or annoying way


Full Definition of OBTRUDE

transitive verb
:  to thrust out :  extrude
:  to force or impose (as oneself or one's ideas) without warrant or request
intransitive verb
:  to become unduly prominent or interfering :  intrude
ob·trud·er noun

Examples of OBTRUDE

  1. The historical details in the movie do not obtrude—they enhance the story by making it more realistic.
  2. <please stop obtruding in your brother's affairs>

Origin of OBTRUDE

Latin obtrudere to thrust at, from ob- in the way + trudere to thrust — more at ob-, threat
First Known Use: circa 1609


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