noun no·tice \ˈnō-təs\

: information that tells you or warns you about something that is going to happen

: a statement telling someone that an agreement, job, etc., will end soon

: attention that people give to someone or something

Full Definition of NOTICE

a (1) :  warning or intimation of something :  announcement (2) :  the announcement of a party's intention to quit an agreement or relation at a specified time (3) :  the condition of being warned or notified —usually used in the phrase on notice
b :  information, intelligence
a :  attention, heed
b :  polite or favorable attention :  civility
:  a written or printed announcement
:  a short critical account or review

Examples of NOTICE

  1. Please give us enough notice to prepare for your arrival.
  2. Notices were sent to parents about the school trip.
  3. Did you see the notice about the meeting?
  4. Newspapers print notices of marriages and deaths.

Origin of NOTICE

Middle English, from Anglo-French, knowledge, notification, from Latin notitia acquaintance, awareness, from notus known, from past participle of noscere to come to know — more at know
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with NOTICE



: to become aware of (something or someone) by seeing, hearing, etc.


Full Definition of NOTICE

transitive verb
:  to give notice of
a :  to comment upon
b :  review
a :  to treat with attention or civility
b :  to take notice of :  mark
:  to give a formal notice to
no·tic·er noun

Examples of NOTICE

  1. She noticed a smell of gas.
  2. You didn't notice that I got my hair cut.
  3. She noticed me leaving the meeting early.
  4. I noticed an error in the book.
  5. The problem was first noticed several days ago.

First Known Use of NOTICE

15th century


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