noun \ˈlō-təs\

: a type of flowering plant that grows on the surface of water

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also lo·tos \ˈlō-təs\ :  a fruit eaten by the lotus-eaters and considered to cause indolence and dreamy contentment; also :  a tree (as Zizyphus lotus of the buckthorn family) reputed to bear this fruit
:  any of various water lilies including several represented in ancient Egyptian and Hindu art and religious symbolism
[New Latin, from Latin]
a :  any of a genus (Lotus) of widely distributed upright herbs or subshrubs of the legume family
b :  sweet clover

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Origin of LOTUS

Latin & Greek; Latin lotus, from Greek lōtos
First Known Use: circa 1541

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of several different plants whose flowers have been given symbolic meaning by many cultures. The lotus of the Greeks is Ziziphus lotus (family Rhamnaceae), a shrub native to southern Europe; wine made from its fruit was thought to produce contentment and forgetfulness. The Egyptian lotus is a white water lily (Nymphaea lotus). The sacred lotus of the Hindus is an aquatic plant (Nelumbo nucifera) with white or delicate pink flowers; the lotus of eastern North America is Nelumbo pentapetala, a similar plant with yellow blossoms. Lotus is also a genus of the pea family (see legume), containing about 100 species found in temperate regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America; the 20 or more species in North America are grazed by animals. The lotus is a common ornament in architecture, and since ancient times it has symbolized fertility, purity, sexuality, birth, and rebirth of the dead.


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