adjective no·tice·able \ˈnō-tə-sə-bəl\

: able to be easily seen or noticed

Full Definition of NOTICEABLE

:  worthy of notice
:  likely to be noticed
no·tice·ably \-blē\ adverb

Examples of NOTICEABLE

  1. The spot on your shirt is very noticeable.
  2. There has been a noticeable improvement in her behavior.
  3. a noticeable change in the weather
  4. It was noticeable that they were not prepared to give the presentation.

First Known Use of NOTICEABLE


Synonym Discussion of NOTICEABLE

noticeable, remarkable, prominent, outstanding, conspicuous, salient, striking mean attracting notice or attention. noticeable applies to something unlikely to escape observation <a piano recital with no noticeable errors>. remarkable applies to something so extraordinary or exceptional as to invite comment <a film of remarkable intelligence and wit>. prominent applies to something commanding notice by standing out from its surroundings or background <a doctor who occupies a prominent position in the town>. outstanding applies to something that rises above and excels others of the same kind <honored for her outstanding contributions to science>. conspicuous applies to something that is obvious and unavoidable to the sight or mind <conspicuous bureaucratic waste>. salient applies to something of significance that merits the attention given it <the salient points of the speech>. striking applies to something that impresses itself powerfully and deeply upon the observer's mind or vision <the region's striking poverty>.
NOTICEABLY Defined for Kids


adjective no·tice·able \ˈnō-tə-sə-bəl\

Definition of NOTICEABLE for Kids

:  deserving notice :  likely to attract attention <a noticeable spot>
no·tice·ably \-blē\ adverb <The volume got noticeably louder.>

Synonym Discussion of NOTICEABLE

noticeable and outstanding mean attracting notice or attention. noticeable is used for something that is likely to be observed. <There's been a noticeable improvement in your grades.> outstanding is used for something that attracts notice because it rises above and is better than others of the same kind. <She's an outstanding tennis player.>


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