adverb \ˈnät\

—used to form the negative of modal verbs (such as “should” and “could”) and auxiliary verbs (such as “do” and “have”)

—used with a negative word to make a positive statement

—used humorously at the end of a positive statement to show that you really meant the opposite

Full Definition of NOT

—used as a function word to make negative a group of words or a word
—used as a function word to stand for the negative of a preceding group of words <is sometimes hard to see and sometimes not>

Examples of NOT

  1. He was standing not six feet away from me.
  2. The bullet passed not five inches from my head!

Origin of NOT

Middle English, alteration of nought, from nought, pron. — more at naught
First Known Use: 13th century


noun \ˈnät\

Definition of NOT

:  a logical operator that produces a statement that is the inverse of an input statement

Origin of NOT

First Known Use: 1947

Other Computer-Related Terms

adware, flash, kludge, phishing, recursive, router


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