noun \ˈtəch-mē-ˌnät\

Definition of TOUCH-ME-NOT

:  either of two North American impatiens growing in moist areas: as
a :  one (Impatiens capensis) typically having orange flowers spotted with reddish brown
b :  one (I. pallida) having typically yellow flowers sometimes spotted with reddish brown

Origin of TOUCH-ME-NOT

from the bursting of the ripe pods and scattering of their seeds when touched
First Known Use: 1659


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Either of three impatiens species, also known as jewelweed or snapweed, that grow in moist areas. Impatiens capensis, also called I. biflora, typically has crimson-spotted orange flowers; I. pallida has yellow to white flowers, sometimes spotted with brownish-red. They are common weeds native to extensive regions of eastern North America. I. noli-tangere, widespread in Europe, Asia, and western North America, has yellow flowers. The juice of the stems and leaves of all three species is said to be a remedy for poison-ivy rashes.


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