noun \-ˌgrüp\

: a place on the Internet where people can talk about a particular subject by reading and leaving messages

Full Definition of NEWSGROUP

:  an electronic bulletin board on the Internet that is devoted to a particular topic

Examples of NEWSGROUP

  1. I posted a message to a gardening newsgroup.

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Internet forum for discussion of specific subjects. Newsgroups are organized into subjects (e.g., automobiles); each typically has several subgroups (e.g., classic cars, Formula One racing cars). A person starts a threaded discussion by “posting” (uploading) an article; the follow-up replies (including replies to replies) comprise the discussion. A newsgroup name usually consists of an abbreviation (e.g., “rec” for the recreation newsgroup) followed by subgroup names separated by dots (e.g., “”). Viewing and posting messages requires a news reader, a program that connects the user to an Internet news server. Most newsgroups are connected via Usenet, a worldwide network that uses the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP). See also bulletin-board system.


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