noun \ˈmən(t)-ˌjak, ˈmən-ˌchak\

Definition of MUNTJAC

:  any of a genus (Muntiacus) of small deer of southeastern Asia with a cry similar to the bark of a dog and having in the male upper canine teeth elongated into small tusks —called also barking deer

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Origin of MUNTJAC

Sundanese (Austronesian language of western Java) mənyčək
First Known Use: circa 1798

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Chinese muntjac (Muntiacus reevesi)—Kenneth W. Fink/Root Resources

Any of about seven species of solitary, nocturnal deer, native to Asia and introduced into England and France, that constitute the genus Muntiacus (family Cervidae). Named for their cry, most species stand 15–25 in. (40–65 cm) high, weigh 33–77 lbs (15–35 kg), and are grayish, reddish, or brown. Males have tusklike upper canine teeth and short one-branched antlers. Bony ridges extend from the antler base onto the face. The giant muntjac (88–110 lbs, or 40–50 kg) was discovered in northern Vietnam in 1993–94. Fea's muntjac (M. feae), of Myanmar and Thailand, is endangered, and other muntjac species are threatened.

Variants of MUNTJAC

muntjac or barking deer


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