noun \-iŋ\

: a place where a boat or ship can be anchored or moored

moorings : the anchors, ropes, and cables that are used to hold a boat or ship in place

Full Definition of MOORING

:  an act of making fast a boat or aircraft with lines or anchors
a :  a place where or an object to which something (as a craft) can be moored
b :  a device (as a line or chain) by which an object is secured in place
:  an established practice or stabilizing influence :  anchorage 2 —usually used in plural

Examples of MOORING

  1. We found a temporary mooring in the harbor.
  2. The wind was strong enough to tear the boat from its moorings.

First Known Use of MOORING

15th century

Other Nautical Terms

avast, aweigh, flotsam, jib, keel, lee, port, starboard, stay

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