noun \ˈmä-nərk, -ˌnärk\

: a person (such as a king or queen) who rules a kingdom or empire

Full Definition of MONARCH

:  a person who reigns over a kingdom or empire: as
a :  a sovereign ruler
b :  a constitutional king or queen
:  one that holds preeminent position or power
mo·nar·chal \mə-ˈnär-kəl, mä-\ or mo·nar·chi·al \-kē-əl\ adjective

Examples of MONARCH

  1. a new history of French monarchs
  2. <the ruling monarch of Britain at that time was Queen Elizabeth I>

Origin of MONARCH

Late Latin monarcha, from Greek monarchos, from mon- + -archos -arch
First Known Use: 15th century

Other Government and Politics Terms

agent provocateur, agitprop, autarky, cabal, egalitarianism, federalism, hegemony, plenipotentiary, popular sovereignty, socialism


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