adjective \mə-ˈmr-ē-əl\

: created or done to honor a person who has died or to remind people of an event in which many people died

Full Definition of MEMORIAL

:  serving to preserve remembrance :  commemorative
:  of or relating to memory
me·mo·ri·al·ly \-ə-lē\ adverb

Examples of MEMORIAL

  1. <a memorial plaque on the bridge for a diver who died in the line of duty>

Origin of MEMORIAL

Middle English, from Latin memorialis, from memoria memory
First Known Use: 14th century



: something (such as a monument or ceremony) that honors a person who has died or serves as a reminder of an event in which many people died

Full Definition of MEMORIAL

:  something that keeps remembrance alive: as
a :  monument
b :  something (as a speech or ceremony) that commemorates
c :  keepsake, memento
a :  record, memoir <language and literature … the memorials of another age — J. H. Fisher>
b :  memorandum, note; specifically :  a legal abstract
c :  a statement of facts addressed to a government and often accompanied by a petition or remonstrance

Examples of MEMORIAL

  1. <the Vietnam War Memorial is a starkly beautiful testimonial to the bravery of the soldiers who served in Vietnam>

First Known Use of MEMORIAL

14th century


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