verb med·dle \ˈme-dəl\

: to become involved in the activities and concerns of other people when your involvement is not wanted

: to change or handle something in a way that is unwanted or harmful

med·dledmed·dling \ˈmed-liŋ, ˈme-dəl-iŋ\

Full Definition of MEDDLE

intransitive verb
:  to interest oneself in what is not one's concern :  interfere without right or propriety
med·dler \ˈmed-lər, ˈme-dəl-ər\ noun

Examples of MEDDLE

  1. <please stop meddling in your sister's marriage, even though you mean well>

Origin of MEDDLE

Middle English medlen, from Anglo-French mesler, medler, from Vulgar Latin *misculare, from Latin miscēre to mix — more at mix
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with MEDDLE

MEDDLER Defined for Kids


verb med·dle \ˈme-dəl\

Definition of MEDDLE for Kids

:  to be overly involved in someone else's business

Synonym Discussion of MEDDLE

meddle, interfere, and tamper mean to get involved with something that is someone else's business. meddle is used for intruding in an inconsiderate and annoying fashion. <Don't meddle in her personal life.> interfere is used for getting in the way of or disturbing someone or something whether intentionally or not. <I tried to give advice without interfering.> tamper is used for intruding or experimenting in a way that is wrong or uncalled-for and likely to be harmful. <Someone had tampered with the lock.>


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