verb \ˈləm-bər\
lum·beredlum·ber·ing \-b(ə-)riŋ\

Definition of LUMBER

intransitive verb
:  to move ponderously
:  rumble

Origin of LUMBER

Middle English lomeren
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with LUMBER



: wooden boards or logs that have been sawed and cut for use

: large objects that are no longer used or wanted

Full Definition of LUMBER

:  surplus or disused articles (as furniture) that are stored away
a :  timber or logs especially when dressed for use
b :  any of various structural materials prepared in a form similar to lumber
lumber adjective

Examples of LUMBER

  1. He works for a lumber company.
  2. had a clearout of all his old lumber and finally got rid of it

Origin of LUMBER

perhaps from Lombard; from the use of pawnshops as storehouses of disused property
First Known Use: 1552

Other Wood Production Terms

cord, punk


lum·beredlum·ber·ing \-b(ə-)riŋ\

Definition of LUMBER

transitive verb
:  to clutter with or as if with lumber :  encumber <plan to lumber the tiny town with a giant ski resort — Marilyn Stasio>
:  to heap together in disorder
:  to log and saw the timber of
intransitive verb
:  to cut logs for lumber
:  to saw logs into lumber for the market
lum·ber·er \-bər-ər\ noun

First Known Use of LUMBER



noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Collective term for harvested wood, whether cut into logs, heavy timbers, or members used in light-frame construction. Lumber is classified as hardwood or softwood (see wood). The term often refers specifically to the products derived from logs in a sawmill. Conversion of logs to sawed lumber involves debarking, sawing into boards or slabs, resawing into thinner boards of varying sizes, edging, crosscutting to square the ends and remove defects, grading according to strength and appearance, and drying in the open air or in kilns. Drying below the fiber-saturation point results in shrinkage and generally greater strength, stiffness, and density and better prepares the wood for finishing. Preservatives are often applied to protect the wood from deterioration and decay.


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