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noun tim·ber \ˈtim-bər\

: trees that are grown in order to produce wood

—used as an interjection to warn people nearby that a cut tree is about to fall

: a large piece of wood that is used to form a part of a building

Full Definition of TIMBER

a :  growing trees or their wood
b —used interjectionally to warn of a falling tree
:  wood suitable for building or for carpentry
:  material, stuff; especially :  a person or type of person qualified for a particular position or status <managerial timber>
a :  a large squared or dressed piece of wood ready for use or forming part of a structure
b British :  lumber 2a
c :  a curving frame branching outward from the keel of a ship and bending upward in a vertical direction that is usually composed of several pieces united :  rib
timber adjective

Examples of TIMBER

  1. <upon our approach the deer disappeared back into the timber from whence it had come>
  2. <needed a new load of timber to finish building the house>

Origin of TIMBER

Middle English, from Old English, building, wood; akin to Old High German zimbar wood, room, Greek demein to build, domos course of stones or bricks
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with TIMBER


transitive verb
tim·beredtim·ber·ing \-b(ə-)riŋ\

Definition of TIMBER

:  to frame, cover, or support with timbers

First Known Use of TIMBER

before 12th century
TIMBER Defined for Kids


noun tim·ber \ˈtim-bər\

Definition of TIMBER for Kids

:  wood suitable for building or for carpentry
:  a large squared piece of wood ready for use or forming part of a structure
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