noun \ˈlī-ˌläk, -ˌlak, -lək\

: a type of bush with purple or white flowers that bloom in the spring

: a light purple color

Full Definition of LILAC

a :  a widely cultivated European shrub (Syringa vulgaris) of the olive family that has cordate ovate leaves and large panicles of fragrant pinkish-purple or white flowers
b :  a tree or shrub congeneric with the lilac
:  a variable color averaging a moderate purple

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Origin of LILAC

obsolete French (now lilas), from Arabic līlak, from Persian nīlak bluish, from nīl blue, from Sanskrit nīla dark blue
First Known Use: 1625


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Any of about 25 species of fragrant, northern, spring-flowering garden shrubs and small trees that make up the genus Syringa in the olive family, native to eastern Europe and temperate Asia. Lilacs have deep green leaves and large, oval clusters of compound blooms coloured deep purple, lavender, blue, red, pink, white, or creamy yellow; they are often highly fragrant. The common lilac (S. vulgaris) reaches 20 ft (6 m) in height and produces many suckers (shoots from the stem or root). The name syringa was formerly used for the mock orange of the saxifrage family; and the butterfly bush (see buddleja) is commonly called summer lilac.


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