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noun lead·er \ˈlē-dər\

Definition of leader

  1. 1 :  something that leads: as a :  a primary or terminal shoot of a plant b :  tendon, sinew c plural :  dots or hyphens (as in an index) used to lead the eye horizontally :  ellipsis 2 d chiefly British :  a newspaper editorial e (1) :  something for guiding fish into a trap (2) :  a short length of material for attaching the end of a fishing line to a lure or hook f :  loss leader g :  something that ranks first h :  a blank section at the beginning or end of a reel of film or recorded tape

  2. 2 :  a person who leads: as a :  guide, conductor b (1) :  a person who directs a military force or unit (2) :  a person who has commanding authority or influence c (1) :  the principal officer of a British political party (2) :  a party member chosen to manage party activities in a legislative body (3) :  such a party member presiding over the whole legislative body when the party constitutes a majority d (1) :  conductor c (2) :  a first or principal performer of a group

  3. 3 :  a horse placed in advance of the other horses of a team

lead·er·less play \-ləs\ adjective

Examples of leader

  1. The tour leader suggested several restaurants in the area.

  2. She was the leader for most of the race, but she eventually finished second.

  3. The class focused on the great religious leaders of the last century.

  4. the leader of an army

  5. a leader of the antiwar movement

  6. Some people are leaders, and some people are followers.

  7. The company has become a leader in developing new technology.

  8. the leader of a popular big band of the 1930s

  9. The Times attacked the government in a leader today.

14th Century

First Known Use of leader

14th century

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