noun \kē-ˈtō-səs\

Definition of KETOSIS

:  an abnormal increase of ketone bodies in the body
ke·tot·ic \-ˈtä-tik\ adjective

Origin of KETOSIS

New Latin
First Known Use: 1917


noun \kē-ˈtō-səs\   (Medical Dictionary)
plural ke·to·ses \-ˌsēz\

Medical Definition of KETOSIS

: an abnormal increase of ketone bodies in the body in conditions of reduced or disturbed carbohydrate metabolism (as in uncontrolled diabetes mellitus)—compare acidosis, alkalosis
: a nutritional disease of cattle and sometimes sheep, goats, or swine that is marked by reduction of blood sugar and the presence of ketone bodies in the blood, tissues, milk, and urine and is associated with digestive and nervous disturbances
ke·tot·ic \-ˈtät-ik\ adjective


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