noun \lr-ˈdō-səs\
plural lor·do·ses\-ˈdō-ˌsēz\

Definition of LORDOSIS

:  abnormally increased inward curvature of the lower region of the spine resulting in a concave back as viewed from the side — compare kyphosis
:  a mating posture of some sexually receptive female mammals (as rats) in which the head and rump are raised and the back is arched downward
lor·dot·ic \-ˈdä-tik\ adjective

Origin of LORDOSIS

New Latin, from Greek lordōsis, from lordos curving forward; akin to Old English belyrtan to deceive
First Known Use: 1704


noun \lr-ˈdō-səs\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of LORDOSIS

: exaggerated forward curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions of the spinal column—compare kyphosis, scoliosis/art/med/lordosis.htm
lor·dot·ic \-ˈdät-ik\ adjective


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