verb \ˈjab\

: to push something sharp or hard quickly or suddenly into or toward someone or something

: to be pushed quickly and suddenly into someone or a part of someone's body


Full Definition of JAB

transitive verb
a :  to pierce with or as if with a sharp object :  stab
b :  to poke quickly or abruptly :  thrust
:  to strike with a short straight blow
intransitive verb
:  to make quick or abrupt thrusts with a sharp object
:  to strike a person with a short straight blow

Examples of JAB

  1. He jabbed at the other player with his hockey stick.
  2. The needle jabbed his arm.
  3. The needle jabbed into his arm.

Origin of JAB

alteration of job to strike
First Known Use: 1827

Rhymes with JAB



: a quick or sudden hit with something sharp or hard

boxing : a short, straight punch

: an injection of something (such as medicine) into your body with a needle

Full Definition of JAB

:  an act of jabbing; especially :  a short straight boxing punch delivered with the leading hand

Examples of JAB

  1. She gave him a jab in the ribs.
  2. He threw a right jab to his opponent's body.

First Known Use of JAB


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