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verb in·sist \in-ˈsist\

: to demand that something happen or that someone do something

: to say (something) in a way that is very forceful and does not allow disagreement

Full Definition of INSIST

intransitive verb
:  to be emphatic, firm, or resolute about something intended, demanded, or required <they insist on going>
archaic :  persist
transitive verb
:  to maintain in a persistent or positive manner <insisted that the story was true>

Examples of INSIST

  1. I didn't want to go, but she insisted.
  2. Come on, let's go. Oh, all right, if you insist.
  3. She insists the money is hers.

Origin of INSIST

Middle French or Latin; Middle French insister, from Latin insistere to stand upon, persist, from in- + sistere to take a stand; akin to Latin stare to stand — more at stand
First Known Use: 1586
INSISTS Defined for Kids


verb in·sist \in-ˈsist\

Definition of INSIST for Kids

:  to make a demand <I didn't want to go, but she insisted.>
:  to say (something) in a forceful way that doesn't allow for disagreement <She insists the money is hers.>
insist on also insist upon
:  to express or show a belief in the importance of something <He insists on doing it his way.>


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