adjective \ˌin-si-ˈkyr\

: not confident about yourself or your ability to do things well : nervous and uncomfortable

: not certain to continue or be successful for a long time

: not locked or well protected

Full Definition of INSECURE

:  not confident or sure :  uncertain <feeling somewhat insecure of his reception>
:  not adequately guarded or sustained :  unsafe <an insecure investment>
:  not firmly fastened or fixed :  shaky <the hinge is loose and insecure>
a :  not highly stable or well-adjusted <an insecure marriage>
b :  deficient in assurance :  beset by fear and anxiety <always felt insecure in a group of strangers>
in·se·cure·ly adverb
in·se·cure·ness noun
in·se·cu·ri·ty \-ˈkyr-ə-tē\ noun

Examples of INSECURE

  1. I feel shy and insecure around strangers.
  2. One of the building's rear doors was insecure.
  3. The country's borders remain insecure.

Origin of INSECURE

Medieval Latin insecurus, from Latin in- + securus secure
First Known Use: 1649


adjective \ˌin(t)-si-ˈky(ə)r\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of INSECURE

: characterized by or causing emotional insecurity <an insecure childhood>


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