verb \in-ˈfrinj\

: to do something that does not obey or follow (a rule, law, etc.) ( chiefly US )

: to wrongly limit or restrict (something, such as another person's rights)


Full Definition of INFRINGE

transitive verb
:  to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another <infringe a patent>
obsolete :  defeat, frustrate
intransitive verb
:  encroach —used with on or upon <infringe on our rights>
in·fring·er noun

Examples of INFRINGE

  1. They claim that his use of the name infringes their copyright.
  2. Her rights must not be infringed.

Origin of INFRINGE

Medieval Latin infringere, from Latin, to break, crush, from in- + frangere to break — more at break
First Known Use: 1513

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