noun \ˈbl-ˌpärk\

: a park in which baseball games are played : a baseball park or stadium

Full Definition of BALLPARK

:  a park in which ball games (as baseball) are played
:  a range (as of prices or views) within which comparison or compromise is possible
in the ballpark
:  approximately correct <my first guess wasn't even in the ballpark>

Examples of BALLPARK

  1. hit a home run out of the ballpark

First Known Use of BALLPARK




: not exact but close in number or amount : approximately correct

Full Definition of BALLPARK

:  approximately correct :  roughly estimated <a ballpark price> <a ballpark figure>

Examples of BALLPARK

  1. We don't know exactly how many people live in this city, but a ballpark figure would be about two million.
  2. <I suspect that the ballpark costs we were quoted for the kitchen renovation will turn out to be too low.>

Origin of BALLPARK

from the phrase in the ballpark
First Known Use: 1964


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