verb ad·vance \əd-ˈvan(t)s\

: to move forward

: to move (someone or something) forward

: to go forward : to make progress : to continue in a process of development, aging, etc.


Full Definition of ADVANCE

transitive verb
:  to accelerate the growth or progress of <advance a cause>
:  to bring or move forward <advance a pawn>
:  to raise to a higher rank
archaic :  to lift up :  raise
:  to bring forward in time; especially :  to make earlier <advance the date of the meeting>
:  to bring forward for notice, consideration, or acceptance :  propose <advance an idea>
:  to supply or furnish in expectation of repayment <advance a loan>
:  to raise in rate :  increase <advance the rent>
intransitive verb
:  to move forward :  proceed <an advancing army>
:  to make progress :  increase <advance in age>
:  to rise in rank, position, or importance <advance through the ranks>
:  to rise in rate or price <advancing wages>
ad·vanc·er noun

Examples of ADVANCE

  1. The car advanced slowly down the street.
  2. The sun slowly advanced across the sky.
  3. She opened the door and advanced cautiously into the room.
  4. advance the hands of a clock
  5. The film is advanced by an electric motor.
  6. The team advanced the ball steadily down the field.
  7. Our understanding of this disease has advanced rapidly in recent years.
  8. The team did not advance beyond the first round of the play-offs.
  9. The company tries to keep up with advancing technology.
  10. As he advanced in age and stature he advanced in knowledge.

Origin of ADVANCE

Middle English advauncen, from Anglo-French avancer, from Vulgar Latin *abantiare, from Late Latin abante in front, from Latin ab- + ante before — more at ante-
First Known Use: 15th century

Related to ADVANCE

lend, loan

Synonym Discussion of ADVANCE

advance, promote, forward, further mean to help (someone or something) to move ahead. advance stresses effective assisting in hastening a process or bringing about a desired end <advance the cause of peace>. promote suggests an encouraging or fostering and may denote an increase in status or rank <a campaign to promote better health>. forward implies an impetus forcing something ahead <a wage increase would forward productivity>. further suggests a removing of obstacles in the way of a desired advance <used the marriage to further his career>.



: forward movement

: progress in the development or improvement of something

: a rise in price, value, or amount

Full Definition of ADVANCE

:  a moving forward
a :  progress in development <mistaking material advance for spiritual enrichment — H. J. Laski>
b :  a progressive step :  improvement <an advance in medical technique>
:  a rise in price, value, or amount
:  a first step or approach made <her attitude discouraged all advances>
:  a provision of something (as money or goods) before a return is received; also :  the money or goods supplied
in advance
:  to, toward, or in a place or position ahead <sent scouts out in advance>
:  before a deadline or an anticipated event <made reservations in advance>
in advance of
:  ahead of

Examples of ADVANCE

  1. trying to halt the enemy's advance
  2. trying to halt the enemy's advances
  3. a big advance in technology
  4. The new system represents a considerable advance over the old one.
  5. There have been few advances made in the treatment of this disease.
  6. There has been little advance made in the treatment of this disease.
  7. The workers won wage advances.
  8. a yearlong advance in stock prices

First Known Use of ADVANCE




: made, sent, or provided at an early time

: going or placed before others

Full Definition of ADVANCE

:  made, sent, or furnished ahead of time <advance sales>
:  going or situated before <an advance party of soldiers>

Examples of ADVANCE

  1. an advance copy of a new book

First Known Use of ADVANCE



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