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adjective im·plic·it \im-ˈpli-sət\

: understood though not clearly or directly stated

: not affected by doubt

Full Definition of IMPLICIT

a :  capable of being understood from something else though unexpressed :  implied <an implicit assumption>
b :  involved in the nature or essence of something though not revealed, expressed, or developed :  potential <a sculptor may see different figures implicit in a block of stone — John Dewey>
c of a mathematical function :  defined by an expression in which the dependent variable and the one or more independent variables are not separated on opposite sides of an equation — compare explicit 4
:  being without doubt or reserve :  unquestioning <an implicit trust>
im·plic·it·ly adverb
im·plic·it·ness noun

Examples of IMPLICIT

  1. There is a sense of moral duty implicit in her writings.
  2. I have implicit trust in her honesty.
  3. This assumption, implicit in innumerable statements by President Reagan … dictates most of our current political and military programs. —Henry Steele Commager, Atlantic, March 1982

Origin of IMPLICIT

Latin implicitus, past participle of implicare (see implicate)
First Known Use: 1599

Rhymes with IMPLICIT

IMPLICIT Defined for Kids


adjective im·plic·it \im-ˈpli-sət\

Definition of IMPLICIT for Kids

:  understood though not put clearly into words <an implicit warning>
:  not affected by doubt :  absolute <He had my implicit trust.>
im·plic·it·ly adverb


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