adjective \-i-kəl\

: of or relating to history

: based on history

: arranged in the order that things happened or came to be

Full Definition of HISTORICAL

a :  of, relating to, or having the character of history <historical data>
b :  based on history <historical novels>
c :  used in the past and reproduced in historical presentations
:  famous in history :  historic a
a :  secondary 1c
b :  diachronic <historical grammar>
his·tor·i·cal·ness \-i-kəl-nəs\ noun

Examples of HISTORICAL

  1. He strove for historical accuracy in the movie.
  2. The kings are listed in historical order.

First Known Use of HISTORICAL

15th century

Other History Terms

agonistic, carpetbagger, enceinte, fief, historiography, paladin

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