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verb hi·jack \ˈhī-ˌjak\

Simple Definition of hijack

  • : to stop and steal (a moving vehicle)

  • : to steal (something) from a moving vehicle that you have stopped

  • : to take control of (an aircraft) by force

Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary

Full Definition of hijack

  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 a :  to steal by stopping a vehicle on the highway b :  to commandeer (a flying airplane) especially by coercing the pilot at gunpoint c :  to stop and steal from (a vehicle in transit) d :  kidnap

  3. 2 a :  to steal or rob as if by hijacking b :  to subject to extortion or swindling

hijack noun
hijacker noun

Examples of hijack in a sentence

  1. He hijacked a truck, threatening the driver at gunpoint.

  2. A band of robbers hijacked the load of furs from the truck.

  3. A group of terrorists hijacked the plane.

  4. The organization has been hijacked by radicals.

Variants of hijack

also highjack \ˈhī-ˌjak\

Origin of hijack

origin unknown

First Known Use: 1923

Rhymes with hijack

aback, ack-ack, alack, amtrac, Anzac, arrack, attack, backpack, backtrack, Balzac, bareback, blackjack, blowback, bootblack, bootjack, brushback, bushwhack, buyback, callback, calpac, carjack, champac, cheapjack, coatrack, come back, comeback, cookshack, crackback, crookback, cut back, cutback, Dayak, dieback, Dirac, draw back, drawback, fall back, fallback, fastback, fast-track, fatback, feedback, finback, fireback, flapjack, flashback, fullback, gimcrack, giveback, graywacke, greenback, gripsack, guaiac, halfback, half-track, hardback, hardhack, hardtack, hatchback, hayrack, haystack, hogback, hold back, holdback, hopsack, horseback, humpback, hunchback, Iraq, jam-pack, jet-black, Kanak, Karnak, kayak, Kazak, kickback, knapsack, knickknack, kulak, kyack, laid-back, lampblack, leaseback, linac, macaque, man jack, manpack, Micmac, mossback, muntjac, Muzak, notchback, offtrack, one-track, outback, packsack, payback, pitch-black, play back, playback, plow back, plowback, Prozac, pullback, quillback, racetrack, ransack, rickrack, roll back, rollback, roorback, rucksack, runback, sad sack, scatback, serac, set back, setback, shellac, shellback, shoeblack, shoepac, sidetrack, six-pack, skewback, skipjack, skyjack, slapjack, slotback, Slovak, smokejack, smokestack, snap back, snapback, snowpack, softback, sumac, swayback, sweepback, swept-back, switchback, tailback, tarmac, thornback, throw back, throwback, thumbtack, ticktack, tieback, tie tack, tombac, touchback, tow sack, trictrac, tripack, unpack, wetback, whaleback, wingback, wisecrack, wolf pack, woolpack, woolsack, yashmak, zwieback

HIJACK Defined for Kids


verb hi·jack \ˈhī-ˌjak\

Definition of hijack for Students


  1. 1 :  to stop and steal or steal from a moving vehicle

  2. 2 :  to take control of (an aircraft) by force

hijacker noun

Law Dictionary


transitive verb hi·jack \ˈhī-ˌjak\

Legal Definition of hijack

  1. :  to seize possession or control of (a vehicle) from another person by force or threat of force; specifically :  to seize possession or control of (an aircraft) especially by forcing the pilot to divert the aircraft to another destination

hijack noun
hijacker noun

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